August 29, 2020 1 min read

How does one find the best reusable, unisex, cloth face covering? Our panel of five editor-testers rated and ranked a huge variety of masks on style, breathability, fit and material.

By Sara BosworthJacob GallagherRebecca MalinskyRory Satran and Katharine K. ZarrellaAug. 28, 2020 4:10 pm ET

 "5 writers tested 50 masks. Bloch submitted mask samples over a month ago to the 5 WSJ writers. We have been communicating with the head writer Sara, and she said all 5 of the writers really “ loved" our masks.  She told us a few days ago that the Bloch mask had been chosen to be included in their article. They ranked masks with a 40 point ranking system in four categories. They tested for fit, style, breathability and material.  Bloch was rated #7 out of 50 other masks!  Bloch received a 33.8 ranking out of 40!"   - Bloch Sales Rep to Store 8/29/2020


KEYS, WALLET, face mask. In just a few short months, the cloth face covering—once a concept Americans only saw while overseas—has become an essential item, required in many public places. It’s hard to think of an another accessory that so radically and rapidly became integral to our daily lives, except perhaps for the smartphone. “I would say this is one of the biggest short-term booms we’ve ever seen…from a wearable product,” said Marshal Cohen, chief industry adviser at the NPD Group, a market research firm.While medical...


The 50- Mask Test

Total number of points for each mask.

Let the Mask Olympics Begin!