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Apolla Shocks


Boy what a sock! DanceLine loves this sock and loves to sell this sock.  Arches and ankles feel great during dance, and AFTER, too. The Adhesive spray works very well. A best new investment if you are trying a dance sock.


Apolla Performance Wear is a company dedicated to delivering high quality, high performance, and beautifully crafted products designed specifically to meet the dancer’s needs. At their core beats the hearts of three life long dancers who believe today’s dancers are equal parts artist and athlete. This new breed of dancer is pushing the body beyond what was ever thought possible. Finding that new edge, however, comes with the increased risk of preventable injuries that is unique to dancers and studio athletes today.

 Their innovative patent pending Apolla Shocks® incorporate the power of sports science technology with the tradition of dance. Apolla knows what your feet crave and our products are beautifully designed to redefine your experience in the studio, on stage, and everywhere in between.

Their commitment to you is the relentless pursuit of revolutionary products to inspire your Attitude, your Performance, and your Art...the pursuit of perfection is up to you!

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