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Bullet Pointe


To all of us at DanceLine, this company is known best for one thing: skirts. Their skirts come in the most beautiful, vibrant colors, photos on the internet can't do them justice. They lay and move beautiful on every body and will become your new favorite cover-up. The cut is similar to that of a classic SAB and Abigail Metzger skirt, but with a more contemporary feel. 


We are a different kind of company. We are dedicated to the girls that never stops, never quits and never forgets why she started. To the girl who will live anywhere just to live her dream. And to the city that takes this girl in with open arms, pushes her to her limits, and creates not just a stronger, more powerful dancer, but a bolder, braver woman. At Bullet Pointe, we make high quality, contemporary dancewear
to make you look, feel, and perform your best. Our products are made in the USA, and our fabrics and materials are ethically and globally sourced. 

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