Dance Paws


Gone are the days of floor burns and ripped up feet during pirouettes! Dance Paws, literally, have your sole covered and make dancing barefoot a little more bare-a-ble (sorry, we couldn’t resist)!


Jamie was tired of the painful splits and tears on his soles, and wasn’t satisfied with the products on the market for barefoot dance–they all shifted underfoot. A brilliant idea and a heavy-duty sewing machine later the first pair of Dance Paws was created. Instant success, as Jamie says, ‘I knew I had something when I put on the first pair of Dance Paws that I made and did four perfect pirouettes four times in a row!’ Dance Paws started out as and will always be a worker owned business. Every pair is handmade in the USA, and whenever we can we source materials locally, to aid the local economy and reduce our carbon footprint. We are absolutely resolute in providing good working conditions and fair wages. Keep on dancing!

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