Danse de Paris


DANSE DE PARIS is loved by DanceLine for is unique slimming style with the corset structure and high leg cut combined with the quality, comfortable and breathable fabrics.  Why dance in the ordinary when you can be extraordinary in DANSE DE PARIS.  Paris has created the ultimate dance wear garment.  Thank you - Paris - DanceLine loves DDP


DANSE DE PARIS was created specifically to accentuate a dancers contours and create a perfect line aiming to help dancers goals of perfection, while bringing the theater of stage to everyday class.  DANSE DE PARIS was founded by Paris Bobyk. The key ingredient to DANSE DE PARIS' refined approach is the extensive experience in the world of dance of Miss Paris.  A world class ballet teacher and notable costume designer, Miss Paris designs extensive detail and created a signature designed CORSET SEAM leotard for DANSE DE PARIS. The seams create a visual effect slimming the dancer's body.  DANSE DE PARIS combines this signature Style with the best fabrics for comfort, breathability and shape.  Voila the ultimate dance wear garment.


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