Apolla - Socks - Mid Calf Recovery - THE INIFINITE SHOCK with traction

So much more than a recovery sock! The Infinite hits mid-calf, graduated compression up the calf and effective arch and ankle support that is perfect for long days on your feet, extra support needs, conventions, travel, and recovery. Have a pair after pointe class to slip on and wear around the house to come back to class each day with fresh feet!

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The Apolla shock support scale Level 3  Maximum Support

  • This profile hits MID-calf
  • The ONLY dancer footwear awarded the American Podiatric Medical Association Seal of Acceptance (along with ALL Apolla Shock styles). Meaning the APMA says they are good for your feet! 
  • No compression in the toes offering our most freedom fit and room in the toes
  • Graduated compression up the calf
  • Our level 3, maximum support option




    The feet are fickle (and so are your preferences). Each person will fit their Shocks differently…so below the charts are size GUIDES…SEE BELOW FOR SIZING TIPS to help get you in your best fit!

    Tips for Sizing:

    • For the Infinite Shock sizing, foot size, narrowness and age may change the size
    • You may consider selecting one size smaller if:  
      • You are at the low end of a size range and are younger than 11 years of age, are very petite for your age, and/or have a narrower foot than average for your size
        • For example, an 11-year--old who wears a size 5.5-6 shoe would choose a size Small Infinite instead of a Medium (based on the size chart) 
      • A 16-year-old who typically ranges between sizes 6.0-6.5 street shoes and has average leg and foot size would choose the recommended size Medium.
      • A 16-year-old that ranges 5.5-6.0 with a narrower foot will likely be more comfortable in a size Small
    • The Infinite has the MOST freedom in the toes of all Shock styles…so with the above rules also consider if you prefer a snug fit in the toes (go with the smaller size you are borderline for) or want some wiggle room (go to the larger size you are border line for)