Apolla Alpha SHock
Half soles
with Traction

The Alpha Shock is the perfect sock for dancers who want a more durable and supportive alternative to lyrical shoes, jazz half-sole shoes, dance paws, foot undeez, pedinis, pirouettes, or turners. It provides essential support and stability, while its patented traction and open-heel natural grip allow you to feel the floor and build strength in your feet. Each style of Apolla Socks fits your needs differently, but they all share our holistic patented support system.

  • Targeted arch support *
  • Graduated compression
  • Ankle Support
  • Cushioning* shown in multiple studies to reduce force by 7-8%
  • Moisture Wicking
  • Antimicrobial
  • Breathable
  • Compression zones of 20-30 mmHg
  • APMA Seal of Acceptance

All of this helps reduce swelling and pain like achy legs, or edema, and increasing blood circulation helping your entire body feel incrementally better with every step!

Want to dive deeper into the Science? Geek out with us here!

Dance Shoes Redefined

Unlike traditional turners or any half-sole dance shoes, the Alpha Shock provides dancers with essential support and stability. 

Its patented design features a snug, glove-like fit in the toes with our patented arch support to not only battle plantar fasciitis or any inflammation-related pain, but also amplify your arch and envelop your ankle in stability, while still feeling feather-light. 

This style is fantastic for gymnastics too; gymnasts love how much stronger their warm-ups on the beam feel after wearing the Alpha.

LEARN MORE HERE about the science of Apolla Socks.

Outlasts and Outperforms Traditional Dance Shoes

A must-have in the dance bag, the Alpha Shock is more durable than any foot thong, leather, or canvas lyrical shoe, lasting 5 times longer. Plus, unlike traditional jazz shoes, it is also washable. 

This patented open-heel design also features a unique traction and natural grip that allows you to feel the floor better than bulky suede soles in the forefoot pad like pirouette shoes. Another bonus versus other brands that use silicone grippers, our traction can be refreshed for the life of the Shock. Learn More HERE.

Unlike canvas ballet shoes or neoprene half soles, the Alpha Shock also helps build strength in your feet while reducing the risk of overuse and repetitive strain injuries.

 It can replace jazz, lyrical, or contemporary dance shoes, or be worn in jazz or character shoes. It pairs well with any dancewear or genre, like stirrup tights and leggings, and some ballerinas even like to wear them in their ballet shoes or pointe shoes.